Paving Services

Paving Services in Northern New Hampshire and Vermont

  • We offer asphalt paving services for all projects including potholes, driveways, parking lots and major roadways.
  • We can take you through this paving process from start to finish.
  • With our full line of dirt equipment from skid steers to diesel graders and backhoes, we can prepare any type of ground to install your new pavement.
  • Our modern paving equipment has all the latest technology to insure a smooth and even pavement surface. All work is guaranteed!
  • Our highly trained paving professionals will make your driveway feel like a super highway!





Our Paving Process

The ground to which the pavement is applied is the most important part of the sequence. Many areas of New Hampshire and Vermont have different types of soil, so the sub-base quantity will vary from region to region. A minimum of six inches pf crushed gravel is a must. Remember, pavement is only as good as the material it is applied to. Asphalt minimum thickness should be two inches compacted over crushed gravel. A thicker application of asphalt is recommended in high traffic areas.


Paving Project Maintenance

Cracks in pavement are inevitable. The northern winters are brutal and frost will move any ground. That is why it is so important to maintain new pavement. We recommend seal coating your new driveway in the first 12 months to help insure its durability.